Discover BaSatai the Epic Fantasy Fiction Series and Graphic Novel

Welcome to the BaSatai community! Delve deep into the BaSatai fantasy fiction book series and graphic novels. BaSatai is available at all major online bookstores including Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, iTunes, Kobo as an Ebook and Paperback. It’s with great excitement we are currently in production of creating the book series into graphic novels for fans. The graphic novel will be an amazing addition to the collection for fans to enjoy the visual experience of the H-traen world coming to life.

Watch the book trailer below to learn more about the BaSatai story.

Here is what the Fantasy Fiction Book Series is all about:

Seventeen-year-old Armani Radnelaq, a full blooded BaSatai is plagued by a curse in her blood. A curse which threatens the gate between two parallel worlds of Earth and H-trae. If Armani’s blood is spilled in attack and she dies, chaos will erupt and both worlds will fall. Armani has remained hidden on Earth with her adopted father Elijah since her birth. She has been raised in the human way and fights her natural instinct to evolve into a BaSatai. The BaSatai in her requires her to evolve and shift, use her powers and strength. Yet Armani is freaked out by the need to shift. She smokes, has a bad attitude, must deal with aggressive bullies and control her natural BaSatai instinct. Her Guardian with BaSatai Warriors are coming for her. She refuses to accept her fate and doesn’t believe any BaSatai should die to protect her. The blood curse maturing in her veins makes her a target for her enemies. Her Guardian Karhl and an elite BasSatai Warrior Rafael are the first to arrive and prepare her for her crossing over. Her attraction to Rafael complicates her purpose to stay on earth even more. They both insist she fall into line and follow their lead but she is not ready to leave earth just yet…

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