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About the Creative Writer ~ Suzan Battah

I always knew being a writer was part of my heart and soul. Learning how to transform the love of writing into a career was especially difficult. One day, I picked up a pen and started writing stories and decided that I would do it anywhere no matter how scared I was of audience perception. I started creating whatever came to my mind and explored my imagination. Obsessed with historical romance and fantasy fiction, I would borrow excessive amounts of books to read from the local library as any good bibliophile does on a regular basis. The more I read these amazing stories, the more I wanted to learn the art of writing. Writing is a simple task, storytelling is a more complex action. My imagination would run wild in outer worlds of my own making. Friends loved the stories I would tell them and I loved the creative process. I always knew writing was in my blood. I lived and breathed storytelling. The writer within me was ready to be unleashed. Fear got in my way as did anxiety but I was never going to waver, no matter how long it took to explore my creativity as a writer. There are no false steps in a writer’s life, there are only times that we feel doubt but plowing ahead is what will allow your audience to find you. I’m so glad you’ve landed here on this page to learn more about my journey as a writer.

The Screenwriter

It wasn’t until 2011, I discovered a whole new style of writing – screenwriting – and I haven’t looked back. I love writing both novels and screenplays. They are so different in that they tell the same story in two different ways.

I completed a screenplay of my novel BaSatai: Outside In and started entering into Screenplay competitions for feedback. Well not only did I receive feedback, I won.

A nomination for the BaSatai screenplay at the St Tropez International Film Festival and other wins in the entertainment field has been the foundation for where I am now which has encouraged the BaSatai graphic novel production.

I took the chance to fly half way around the world – based on an award nomination – to network and mingle with like-minded creative artists. I flew half way around the world with the full intention of winning. Even if I left without an award, I had decided I had already won by taking the opportunity.

I decided that despite the anxiety of possibly winning, having the opportunity to speak would cause me great anxiety, I decided at that point, I would do it anyway, why? Because I am Suzan Battah. That’s it.

I won! I won! I was on my own and several people from my table followed me up to the stage to take pictures for me. in that moment, I was overwhelmed with joy.

Here is the moment in 2013! I actually said a long winded speech but it was missed in the recording unfortunately due to the excitement of everyone walking up to the stage with me. Never fear, I will make sure to win again.

 Suzan Battah Writer



What is BaSatai all about?

BaSatai is a fictional fantasy book series which explores identity, duty, fear and hate based on parallel worlds of Earth and H-trae. The parallel divide, the gate between the two worlds is now under threat by a blood curse. Armani is the BaSatai born with the blood curse and the story follows her struggles to identify with herself as a BaSatai and accept her fate as cursed.

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