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SFF World – Guest Post – Unmasking the Great Fantasy/Sci-fi Villain by Suzan Battah

Speculative Fiction Showcase – Guest Post –  The Imaginative Power behind World Building in Fantasy and Science Fiction By Suzan Battah

Author Interview – Suzan Battah – Free Book Reviews HERE

Kristi Reads – BaSatai Review HERE

Lost in Lit – BaSatai Review HERE

Change the Word Blogspot BaSatai Review HERE

Chicklit Plus – BaSatai Review HERE

Chapter by Chapter – BaSatai Review HERE

Paperback and Frosting – BaSatai Review HERE

Library Mosaic – BaSatai Review HERE


Book Blog – BaSatai Review HERE

Reading the Paranormal – BaSatai Review HERE

My Book Addiction – BaSatai Review HERE

Paranormal Book Fan – BaSatai Review HERE

Jersey Girl Book Reviews – Author Guest Post HERE

CLP Book Blog Tour 2012 – BaSatai: Outside In

June 4- Michelle’s Book Nook– Guest Post

June 6- Chick Lit Plus– Review

June 7- The Autumn Review– Guest Post

June 11- Change the Word– Review

June 12- Change the Word– Guest Post

June 14- Harley Bear Book Blog – Review

June 14- Harley Bear Book Blog– Guest Post

June 17- Chick Lit Plus– Guest Post

June 18- Peace Love Books– Review

June 19 – Samantha March – Q&A & Excerpt

June 22- Madsheep Reading– Review

June 24- Lost in Literature– Review

June 24- Lost in Literature–  Guest Post

June 25- Storm Goddess Book Reviews- Review & Q&A

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